Obama on Ferguson: “Young People Feel Marginalized & Distrustful Even After THEY’VE DONE EVERYTHING RIGHT”

They’ve done everything right.
torched shop ferguson

Ferguson protesters torched 18 businesses last week in Ferguson.
They torched ten percent of the businesses in neighboring Dellwood.
torched boutique
Obama met with several radical leaders of the Ferguson protest movement today in the White House. This was less than one week since they destroyed the city.

Obama says, “They’ve done everything right.”


CBS reported:

“The president of the United States is deeply invested in making sure that this time is different. When I hear the young people around this table talk about their experiences, it violates my belief in what America can be to hear young people feeling marginalized and distrustful, even after they’ve done everything right. That’s not who we are.

…I think we got activists on the ground who don’t always get attention because its often times the people who aren’t being constructive that get attention. But, there are folks there who are working really hard.”

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