Armed “Black Lives Matter” Protesters Loot Black-Owned 7-11 (Video)

At least they didn’t torch it to the ground.
looters 7-11
#BlackLivesMatter Looters Ransack a 7-11

A 7-11 store was looted by gun-wielding protesters in the small California town of Emeryville (situated between Berkeley and Oakland) on Tuesday night. The protest was part of the leftist-led nationwide protests on behalf of Black criminals who have died in recent months while resisting arrest called ‘I Can’t Breathe.’

The looted 7-11 is owned by a Black family, according to a local news report.


Security camera video of the looting shows the doors being locked by an employee but soon being smashed open by a mob who then ransack the store.

Footage shown from different angles shows several people rushing the store and leaping over the cashier’s counter. Store employees stand back and let them have their way.

A Black man is seen holding a gun as he goes back and forth over the counter. The gunman pauses briefly on top the counter and brandishes his gun. At times he tries to cover his face, but most times he leaves his face exposed.

Later a Black woman enters the store and apparently threatens the employees with a small weapon that she pockets before she leaps over the counter and steals an armful of items.

KNTV reported that several stores were looted included a Pak N Save, a CVS and the 7-11. Police made no arrests. The police reported they too were under attack from protesters who threw bottles and chunks of concrete at officers.

KNTV spoke to one of the owners of the 7-11:

“Raheil Drar and her father own the 7-Eleven that was hit. They spent the night sweeping up glass and repairing the damage.

“”I think it’s ridiculous,” Drar said. “I think it’s crazy that you’re ruining your own community. This is black owned and operated. It’s family operated. It’s no corporation. It’s coming out of our pockets.”

““Drar said she doesn’t consider the people who damaged her store protesters. “I don’t want to even refer to them as that. Protesters didn’t do this. Looters, vandals did this, thugs.”

“She wants to send a message to the vandals. “This doesn’t accomplish anything. It really takes away from the cause. Just stop,” she said. “This isn’t just a peaceful protest over something. This has turned into something completely different and we’re not going to tolerate violence or damage in our city.””

Emeryville police gave a description of the looting to the Oakland Tribune:

“Some of the destruction spilled into Emeryville, where about 40 protesters broke into a closed Pak ‘N’ Save Foods where employees were stocking shelves and stole liquor, a coin dispenser and cash, Emeryville police Officer Brian Head said.

“Protesters also went to a nearby 7-Eleven, and used chunks of concrete and bottles to threaten clerks and rob them of liquor and cigarettes, Head said. They also burglarized a CVS store and broke nearly all the windows at a Bank of America, both on San Pablo Avenue, he said. Car windows were broken on 47th Street and on other vehicles coming into Oakland, he said.”

KTVU posted a different version of the 7-11 video to YouTube.

The Berkeley Daily Planet has more details on the looting:

“The protests moved into downtown Oakland, then west and up San Pablo Avenue into Emeryville. Police estimated there were about 300 demonstrators marching into Emeryville at about 11:30 p.m. when about 100 rushed the Pak N Save at 3889 San Pablo Ave., broke windows and looted the store.

“Between 30 and 40 people stole liquor bottles, cash from the register and a coin dispenser. Police tried to stop them but they rejoined the crowd, continuing north on San Pablo Avenue.

“Protesters also smashed windows at the nearby 7-Eleven, threatening the clerk with chunks of concrete and bottles, Emeryville police spokesman Brian Head said. Cartons of cigarettes and other items were stolen from the store.

“The protesters threw “softball-sized” chunks of concrete and beer bottles at officers who moved in to stop them, Head said.

“Further up San Pablo, the Bank of America had all of its windows smashed but it appears that protesters did not enter the bank. A CVS store’s windows were smashed and the vandals entered the store, stealing more liquor bottles and other items, Head said.”

I can’t breathe…but I can loot.

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