Wow! #Ferguson Protesters Promise Civil Disobedience – “White Folks” Will Have to Deal With It

The Don’t Shoot Coalition, a hodge podge of radical far left grievance groups, answered questions yesterday put forth by concerned St. Louis residents.

The entire St. Louis region is on pins and needles waiting for the court to release their decision on the Mike Brown case. In August protesters looted and vandalized over 100 local businesses.

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The Ferguson protests and riots cost local taxpayers $5.7 million… so far.


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Wednesday the coalition answered a few questions. They did not back down on their promise to disrupt the city after the court’s decision… Even if Officer Darren Wilson is indicted.
The Post-Dispatch reported:
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The group also told local residents they would have to deal with the violent protests… “Many people – especially white folks – feel they can ignore the problem.  Ferguson has shifted the boundary line.”

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In the group’s press release they blame police for the escalation of violence.

Throughout the protests since the shooting death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown on August 9, escalation has largely resulted from an intrusive police presence… “If we see violence, make no mistake, the responsibility for it lies with law enforcement,” said organizer and Don’t Shoot member Damon Davis.

The cops made you loot the Foot Locker.

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