Outrageous. St. Louis Post-Dispatch Promotes Vile, Obscene Rap Attacking Governor Nixon

Rapper Tef Poe, a Ferguson rapper and radical protester who frequently tweets threats of violence against local police, released a new diss record “War Cry” today.
His new song billed as “a Missouri Governor Jay Nixon diss record” is filled with n*ggas and f-bombs. Tef Poe refers to Nixon as the “slave master.” He raps – “F*ck Jay Nixon!” “F*ck You! and “Mother F*cker!”

Tef Poe was flown to Geneva, Switzerland this week to speak to the United Nations about torture. He bragged about how he was going “to slap these Ferguson pigs with war crimes and torture charges.”

Today the The St. Louis Post Dispatch promoted the song.


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