Whoopi Goldberg Works With Marxist “Working Families Party” To Get Out The Vote (Video)


In a video on Friday, comedian Whoopie Goldberg urged New Yorkers to vote for Working Families Party (WFP) candidates next Tuesday. Whoopie describes the WFP as “The Progressive Party that believes New York should be for everyone…”.

See the video below:

In her generalized description, Miss Goldberg left out a few very important points about what The Working Families Party. Such as…

The Working Families Party was founded in 1988 by members of ACORN, the Communist Party USA affiliated Communication Workers of America Union (CWA) and the United Automobile Workers (UAW).

One of the key founders of WFP was Joel Rogers. Joel is a progressive activist who has been a strong advocate for the redistribution of wealth through Sustainability and the green agenda. In the early 90’s he co-founded a Democratic Socialist of America /ACORN/SEIU political group in Chicago called The New Party of which President Obama was a member.  He also founded the Communist affiliated Apollo Alliance, which wrote President Obama’s stimulus package. To top it off, the WFP and The Apollo Alliance are both funded by George Soros through The Tides Foundation. Which even helped to organize and support the Occupy Wall Street protests.

As you can see, there is so much more behind The Working Families Party than Miss Goldberg would have New Yorkers believe.

The question is… are there enough Freedom loving Americans left in Progressive New York who would vote for someone other than a Marxist, Progressive WFP candidate?

If Whoopie’s support for WFP is any indication one would be led to believe, probably not.


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