White House Petition Seeks Justice Against Louis Head for Inciting #Ferguson Riots

No justice, No peace
On Monday November 24, 2014 Louis Head incited a riot in Ferguson, Missouri after the announcement of no indictment against Officer Darren Wilson.
Head repeatedly told the protesters to, “Burn this b*tch down!”

At least 18 businesses were torched to the ground and several more were looting and vandalized.

Now there is a White House petition to arrest Louis Head for inciting a riot in Ferguson.
louis head petition
From the White House website:


On Monday, Nov. 24 immediately following the announcement of no indictment against Darren Wilson, Louis Head shouted the now infamous words “Burn this bitch down” not just once but repeating it. And over a microphone.Louis Head was captured on video as he did this. He himself gave the order that started the riots, destruction and fires that followed. Louis Head is guilty of inciting a riot, which is a felony. He should be arrested, and tried in a court of law.If found guilty, Louis Head should be required to pay for ALL damages that resulted from the rioting “protesters”, and serve time in prison.

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