Western ISIS Killers Identified From Latest Mass Beheading Video

On Sunday ISIS released video of American Peter Kassig’s decapitation.
peter kassig syria
Peter Kassig was a former Army Ranger. He went to Syria in 2013 to help Syrian refugees. Kassig went missing in 2013.

ISIS also included a mass decapitation of 18 Syrian soldiers in the same video.
isis killers
The ISIS killers lined up the Syrian prisoners and slaughtered them all at once like animals

Several of those ISIS killers have been identified.
Raqqa is Being Slaughtered reported:


Number 1 has been identified as a Belgian fighter named Abdelmajid Gharmaoui, 28, who uses the nom de guerre Abu Dujana.

Number 2 is a Frenchman who calls himself Abou Uthman.

Number 3 is ISIS’ killer in chief Jihadi John who famously speaks with a London accent.

Number 4 is a man investigators initially believed to be Cardiff medical student Nasser Muthana but are understood to have since ruled out.

Number 5 Kurdish soldiers have identified number 5 as a Filipino national. Number 6 is French 22-year-old Maxime Hauchard.

Earlier another of the killers was positively identified as 22-year-old Frenchman Maxime Hauchard – who friends described as a mild-mannered former Catholic who used to sell scooter parts in Normandy until his conversion to Islam at the age of 17.

This morning it emerged that a second Frenchman, Abou Uthman, has been identified among the murderers and – with Jihadi John, another possible Briton and a German also among the lineup – one investigator branded the ISIS execution squad as a ‘European union of killers’.

Gharmaoui left for Syria in October 2012, saying he wanted to fight jihad, and was last placed in the village of Dabiq, where the sickening video was recorded.

Hans Bonte, the mayor of Vilvoorde, said the ‘rumour had been circulating for some months’ that Gharmaoui was fighting in Syria fighting, adding that the kind of ‘heinous acts seen on the video are hugely worrying’.

Mr Bonte said there was a huge local problem with ‘youths being radicalised’ in Vilvoorde, adding that he is introducing a bill to withdraw the travel documents of suspected jihadists who want to travel to war-torn countries such as Iraq and Syria.

Terrorist: Frenchman Maxime Hauchard, 22, has been positively identified as appearing in the sickening video in which at least 18 Syrian soldiers are decapitated.

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