WaPo Praises Dictator-Loving Code Pink Protest at Anti-Dictatorship Forum

code pink protest

The Washington Post’s David Montgomery wrote a fawning article about a Code Pink protesting U.S. United Nations Ambassador Samantha Powers at a forum that gathered together activists who have bravely stood up to dictatorial regimes.

Those activists stand in stark contrast to Code Pink which protests Western democratic governments and their allies while working hand in glove with anti-American socialist and Islamist dictatorships.

Code Pink was founded in late 2002 to support the Arab socialist tyranny of Saddam Hussein. In the intervening twelve years Code Pink has worked with among others Fidel Castro’s Cuba, Ayatollah Khamenei’s Iran, and Hugo Chavez’s Venzeuala while working to overthrow U.S. allied Arab dictatorships in favor of terrorists in Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Bahrain. Code Pink also works with terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah against democratic Israel.


Code Pink co-founder Jodie Evans was bundler for President Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. Evans and he fellow Code Pink co-founder Susan ‘Medea’ Benjamin have met with Obama and/or senior administration officials many times over the years.

The Post’s Style section article is headlined: At RiseUp summit, Code Pink protesters give a real-time lesson in activism

The article opens:

“If some of the world’s dictators, strongmen, warlords and assorted flawed leaders breathed a little easier Wednesday, it could have been because so many of the young activists bent on challenging their authority had descended upon Union Market in the District for an all-day summit of dissent called RiseUp.

The RiseUp forum brought together activists from around the world to discuss political activism. Included were American organizers of protests supporting Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown.

There is no mention of any Tea Party groups being invited to participate.

The article describes Code Pink’s protest:

““The underlying theme of the event is, basically, ‘how do you convert political protest into social progress?’ ” said Marcus Brauchli, chairman of RiseUp and former executive editor of The Washington Post.

“The midday speaker, Samantha Power, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, provoked an unscheduled practice class. Ramos had just asked her about decisions to use force in response to atrocities abroad when three young women from antiwar Code Pink walked on carrying signs.

““We’re here to ‘rise up’ against war,” declared one of the women. One of their signs read, “Millennials think you’re a war hawk.”

“Ramos asked the ambassador’s looming security detail not to push the women off the stage. He wove the protesters’ complaints into the interview.”

One of these days the Post is going to report the truth about Code Pink. Until then you can read it here at The Gateway Pundit.

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