Univision’s Jorge Ramos Complains Illegal Alien Latinos Not Represented in Congress

jorge ramos swimming
Univision’s Jorge Ramos swims the Rio Grande. (Swimmers Daily)

Univision and Fusion news anchor Jorge Ramos gave an interview with Time magazine this week about President Barack Obama’s pending amnesty announcement for several million illegal aliens.

Ramos has appointed himself as an advocate for millions of Latinos who sneaked in to the United States and stole identities, jobs, education and other taxpayer resources from American citizens and legal immigrants.

In the Time interview, Ramos dismisses a question about illegal aliens driving down wages for unionized American workers and instead complains that the more important issue is that illegal alien Latinos don’t have representation in Congress:

“Do you feel that your responsibility at Univision or here is to challenge your audience as well? The (sic) representing them and talking about DREAMERS and talking about what Boehner’s obstructing. Do you try and do stories on the other side of immigration? Like the unions being upset that wages on jobs are going down in meat packing plants because there’s undocumented workers working in them?”

“Of course, yeah but I think we have to concentrate on the really big issues. And the really big issues is that you have a community that is underrepresented politically. You have a community with eleven million people who are living in the shadows and in fear. And we only have three senators. We are 17% of the population. And we only have three senators.”

“And two of them don’t say what most of the population [says on immigration].”

“Exactly. So I think that explains why our role on Univision and on Fusion is different than what you would expect from NBC, ABC, or CBS, CNN and Fox News. Because a population who has no voice, or very little, or very few voices, needs to express themselves. I mean who is going to speak for all of the immigrants in this country? I mean who is going to tell John Boehner that he is blocking immigration reform? I mean, who is going to say that? It was – in an ideal world, one Latino senator and many members of congress of Hispanic origin would have gone to Boehner and told him in his face, you’re blocking immigration reform. That didn’t happen. So it is our role to do that.”

Ramos ignores that all any immigrant has to do to get representation in Congress is to follow America’s immigration laws and become a citizen.

Also in the interview, Ramos insulted the United States by comparing the border fence to the Berlin Wall. The border fence is to keep illegal aliens out and curtail criminal activity, while the Berlin Wall was constructed by the Soviet Union and its East German puppet government expressly to imprison East Germans.

“In one of the Fusion pieces you did on the border, you were standing next to the fence and you said it reminds you of the Berlin Wall. Why?”

“Because it is incredible, that nowadays you have open borders in Europe. And that’s a taboo issue here in the United States. I mean you can go – a few months ago I went from Spain to France, I paid 6 Euros at the border. There was no police, no agent, no one stopping me. And here in the United States, we can’t even discuss the possibility of something like that. I’m not arguing for open borders. But it’s a taboo issue.”

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