Protesters VERY UPSET With Darren Wilson’s Resignation – Hand Out WANTED Signs in #Ferguson

You’d think they would have cheered the news.
Instead the unhinged Ferguson protesters were outraged that Officer Darren Wilson has resigned from the police force.

Now it makes it more difficult for them to stalk him.

The protesters want Darren Wilson – dead or alive.
They carried WANTED signs last Saturday night in Ferguson.
racist signs ferguson
Mob justice is the only way with these radicals.


No mob justice – No peace

#Ferguson PD tonight. Be there. By 9pm. This resignation is NOT enough. And we’re going to let them know. Tonight.

AGAIN: #Ferguson PD 2nite. Be there by 9pm. Be ready. A resignation is NOT enough @YourAnonNews @OpFerguson @GlobalRevLive @OccupyWallStNYC

They also hurled violent threats at Wilson…
“@CassandraRules: @akacharleswade at least now it will be less charges if someone finds him, since he’s no longer an officer.” YAAASSS!!!

A little about protest organizer Charles Wade. He is Solange’s stylist.

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