Terrific! Possible Ebola Case in St. Louis Region

As if St. Louis does not have enough to worry about…
ebola facts

A male patient was admitted to Mercy Jefferson Hospital in Crystal City Wednesday.
The patient had recently visited West Africa.
KSDK reported:

A possible Ebola case is being investigated at Mercy Jefferson Hospital in Crystal City.

John Winkelman, a spokesperson for the hospital, says the male patient recently returned from West Africa and was admitted to the hospital Wednesday evening.

Winkelman called the patient “low-risk,” and says he has been isolated in an area not connected to the hospital.

The hospital is working in conjunction with the Jefferson County Health Department, Winkelman says, and they are operating by Centers for Disease Control protocols. There’s no word yet on the identity of the patient or his symptoms.

Hat Tip Abbie Sharp


UPDATE: From a local source: The patient is reportedly a local business owner who recently traveled to Africa. I will not post his name here but he is widely known in the area.

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