Soros Backed Group Sets Up “Voter Protection” In Missouri For Midterm Elections


In what only can be described as a disturbing development, a group backed by a Progressive billionaire has set up a “voter protection” program in Missouri for the midterm elections.

According to an article on the Communist Party USA News, People’s World, The Advancement Project has erected Voter Protection Programs in St. Louis and Kansas City:

“ST. LOUIS – Voter protection advocates in Missouri will assist voters who have questions about their voting rights or face difficulties at the polls on Election Day. This non-partisan effort, organized by Advancement Project, a national civil rights organization, is part of the nation’s largest Election Protection program.

…The voter protection efforts include poll monitors in St. Louis and Kansas City who will distribute voting rights information and answer questions from voters.”

The Advancement Project is backed by Progressive billionaire George Soros.  And while the organization would have you believe that they exist to protect voters’ rights, it has a history of protecting voter fraud.

According to Net Right Daily, The Advancement Project has led the way in blocking voter fraud investigations and in standing against attempts to implement voter I.D. laws:

“During the 2004 election, Advancement Project attorneys tried to block Republican efforts to protect the integrity of the ballot. They claimed Republicans were prohibited from implementing ballot security programs by a 1982 federal court consent decree in the case DNC v. RNC.

“That same year Republicans challenged the authenticity of tens of thousands of voter registrations in Ohio and other key battleground states. The Advancement Project responded by filing lawsuits in Ohio and Florida to prevent those states from implementing voter security measures.

Read how The Advancement Project tried to weaken voter I.D. laws in 2012 Here.

Considering all of the fraud being uncovered nationwide which benefits the Democrats, one can only wonder how The Advancement Project will negatively influence the honest and fair midterm elections in The Show Me State.


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