SICK. Muslims Post Selfies at Site of Deadly Terrorist Attack


On Wednesday a Hamas Muslim terrorist drove into a line of Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem.
The driver intentionally drove over the soldiers as they lined the busy street.
One soldier was killed and three were injured.

After the terrorist attack – Muslims took selfies at the scene of the crime.

Israel National News reported, via Religion of Peace:


Just hours after a Hamas terrorist drove his car into a crowd of Israeli civilians in Jerusalem, murdering one person and injured 3 others, some seriously, a picture has emerged of Arab youths reveling in the murder – by taking a “selfie” at the site of the attack.

Veteran Israeli journalist and Kol Yisrael Palestinian Affairs Correspondent Gal Berger posted the chilling photo on Twitter.

In it, two Arab youths – who he claims are residents of “east Jerusalem” – can be seen grinning into the camera even as emergency services are still tending to the scene in the background.

There were two Islamic terrorist attacks in Jerusalem today.

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