SHOCK VIDEO>>> Oregon City Council Member: “Karl Marx Is A Great Humanitarian”

15272_588763264568612_8194219146702323627_nOregon City Council Member, Mike Beilstein, keeps a Cuban flag on his laptop. (Image Oathkeepers)

Mike Beilstein, a City Council member in Corvallis Oregon, is not new to controversy. In 2012 he turned his back on the American flag during the pledge of allegiance. He is also known to keep a Cuban flag on his laptop during City Council meetings. But recently, Mr. Beilstein has outdone himself.

A citizen journalist recently recorded a conversation with Mr. Beilstein where he admits he is a Communist and that “Karl Marx is a great humanitarian and intellectual” also admiting he is a “fan” of Communist mass murder, Che Guevara:

Interviewer: “You like Karl Marx? You worship his work?”

Mike Beilstein:I think Karl Marx was a great humanitarian and intellectual, don’t you?”

Interviewer: “Are you a fan of Che Guevara?”

Mike Beilstein: “Yea, he was a real idealist.”

Video below:

Hat Tip Jim K.

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