SHOCK VIDEO – Heart Attack Victim Denied Help From #Ferguson Police, Then Tear Gassed.

Blogger Victor Maggio has been in the mix in Ferguson all week providing us with truly amazing video.

While documenting the mayhem of Monday night Victor captured what appears to be a tragic mistake by the Ferguson Police Department.

Several protesters attempted to get a woman who was having a medical emergency to safety. Carrying the woman, they ran toward the police line screaming, “She’s having a heart attack!”


Unfortunately, in all the confusion and craziness, the only thing police saw was people rushing the line. That’s when all hell broke loose.

You can read Victor’s account and see the video below:
From Maggio News

Front Line Ferguson: The protests taking place in front of the Ferguson Police Department on November 25, 2014 angered many people for a reason other than the Mike Brown verdict. Many saw the shocking incident involving a woman that was having a heart attack. She was being carried by five protesters towards the Ferguson Police seeking help from officers, the men carrying her are heard screaming in the video, “She is having a heart attack!” They promptly responded by launching tear-gas and flash bang grenades at the protesters while carrying the woman. They quickly dropped her on the street and ran leaving the woman on the ground. She was dragged off some time later. Her status is unknown at this time.

UPDATE: If this was video of an actual heart attack – the lynch mob made it impossible for the woman to receive assistance.

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