SEIU President Encourages Obama To Give Illegals Amnesty Via Executive Order

Obama Amnesty Getty Image (CNN)

During a press conference on Wednesday, President Obama threatened to use an executive order to give illegals amnesty if the new Republican Congress failed to act.

While many see Obama’s threat as just another example of his dictatorial behavior, some, like Service Employees International Union (SEIU) President, Mary Kay Henry, feel the President’s words are worthy of action.

In an open letter posted on SEIU’s website, Mary Kay Henry applauded President Obama while announcing nation wide protests in support of amnesty:

“Yesterday, as Republican Congressional Leaders issued threats, President Obama reiterated his determination to do what is in his authority to do and provide relief for our country’s immigrant families and communities as soon as possible.

We fully support his commitmentit is urgently needed. Millions of immigrants need to be brought out of the shadows and into the light of our economy and society through bold and decisive action from the President.

…”Today and tomorrow nationwide, people take to the streets in cities like Los Angeles, Houston, Denver, Chicago, Tampa, New York and Washington, DC to show the urgent need for action on immigration. We won’t let Sen. McConnell and the Republican leadership play politics with families by blocking action again.”

Obama once admitted that “SEIU’s Agenda is my Agenda”.

So then the question begging to be asked is… is amnesty, via Executive Order, really The President Agenda…or actually just SEIU’s?


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