SECOND St. Louis Area Mayor Lashes Out at Gov. Jay Nixon – City Was Torched By Protesters

Second St. Louis area mayor lashes out at Governor Jay Nixon
ferguson burning

Ferguson Mayor James Knowles told FOX 2 anchors late on Monday night that he had repeatedly requested the National Guard Monday night… But his requests were ignored.

“I know I’ve been on the phone in contact with the County Executive’s Office. I know he has requested. I am requesting. I’ve requested the National Guard troops to come out from their command post to help restore order along the business district. We have not seen that… Those calls have gone unheeded at this point… We need to have the governor step up and give us the resources that he’s promised from the beginning. He said he would have a strong response. The resources necessary would be provided. They have not been provided so far.

This is Absolute Dereliction of Duty!


Now a second St. Louis area mayor has accused the Governor of abandoning his city.

The mayor of Dellwood, Missouri spoke out this morning.
Today a second local mayor has stepped forward to claim that Governor Jay Nixon has ignored his calls since his city was torched by #MikeBrown protesters.
dellwood mayor

Ten percent of businesses were torched by protesters in Dellwood, Missouri.

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