Racist Protest Leader Praised By BET Calls For Violence Against Police “Start Shootin’ Them B*tches!”

Monday 25th 2014, the day of the Mike Brown verdict, BET aired a 1/2 hour special focused on the young activists that are leading the #Ferguson movement. The show was hosted by Marc Lamont Hill and it featured the group ‘Lost Voices’

Prior to the taping of this special Lost Voices had already been blamed for violence with in the movement. Witnesses identify members of the group as those who assaulted a fellow protester during a meeting earlier this month. Another member was caught on tape spitting in a man’s face outside a Rams game.

Did BET know about this and portray them as peaceful activists anyway or did they not do due diligence before producing this piece? The same questions apply to Marc Lamont Hill.


Today even more disturbing video has surfaced. Maggio News captured a woman who appears to be Lost Voices leader Dasha Jones on video calling for police to be shot just after the verdict.
Jones, who is heavily featured in the BET special, is known to carry an upside down American flag like the woman in the video who screams:

“Hate all you white motherfuckers!!”

Looking and gesturing toward police the woman then shouts:

“Start shootin’ them bitches!!”

See The Video Here.

I’m calling on Marc Lamont Hill and BET to address this dangerous rhetoric.

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