Pope Francis: Fighting Poverty & Hunger Key to Defeating Islamist Killers in Syria-Iraq

Pope Francis

Spoken like an blind leftist.
Pope Francis told an audience in Turkey that fighting hunger and poverty were key to defeating Islamist killers in Syria-Iraq.
The Times of Malta reported:

Pope Francis, currently visiting Turkey, has called for interreligious dialogue “so that there will be an end of all forms of fundamentalism and terrorism.”

The Pope said fighting hunger and poverty, rather than military intervention alone, were key to stopping Islamist militants carrying out “grave persecutions” in Syria and Iraq, referring to the Islamic State.

Speaking at the start of a three-day trip to Turkey, Francis said “terrorist violence” showed no sign of abating in Turkey’s southern neighbours, where Islamist insurgents had declared a caliphate and persecuted Shi’ite Muslims, Christians and others who do not share their ultra-radical brand of Sunni Islam.

“It is essential that all citizens – Muslim, Jewish, and Christian – both in the provision and practice of the law, enjoy the same rights and respect the same duties,” the Pope stated.

Francis faces a delicate mission in Turkey, a majority Muslim but constitutionally secular state, in strengthening ties with religious leaders while condemning violence against Christians and other minorities in the Middle East.

It is widely known that Islamist killers are often educated and come from wealthy backgrounds.
Killing in the name of Islam has nothing to do with poverty.

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