Obama Will Add More Illegals to US Economy Than Jobs Created Under His Leadership

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obama shoes illegals
According to film director Dennis Michael Lynch some of the illegal immigrants pouring across the border from Central America may be wearing tennis shoes containing images that praise President Obama. (DML Daily)

Barack Obama will add more foreign workers to the US economy with his illegal executive amnesty plan that total jobs created since he came into office.
The Daily Caller reported:

President Barack Obama’s unilateral amnesty will quickly add as many foreign workers to the nation’s legal labor force as the total number of new jobs created by his economy since 2009.

The plans, expected to be announced late Nov. 20, will distribute five million work permits to illegal immigrants, and also create a new inflow of foreign college graduates for prestigious salaried jobs, according to press reports.

Obama has already provided or promised almost one million extra work permits to foreigners, while his economy has only added six million jobs since 2009.

Under the president’s new amnesty plan, “up to four million undocumented immigrants who have lived in the United States for at least five years can apply. … An additional one million people will get protection from deportation through other parts of the president’s plan,” according to a Nov. 19 report in The New York Times.

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