OBAMA SHREDS CONSTITUTION – Announces Executive Amnesty

Live Thread—–
Barack Obama will shred the US Constitution tonight and announce his executive amnesty plan.
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The networks won’t carry this lawlessness.

Of course, Barack Obama repeatedly said this was an illegal maneuver.
You must see this—
“That’s not how our system works.”

But that was last year.
Tonight he will change all of that.

The Hill has details:

President Obama will unveil a set of sweeping executive actions that will extend work permits and protection from deportation to roughly 5 million immigrants in a prime-time address Thursday night.

The president will also announce plans to shift enforcement efforts, ordering federal law enforcement officers to narrow their focus to those illegal immigrants with criminal records, gang affiliations or ties to terrorism.

And Obama will expand the total number of high-tech visas that are available, as well as loosen restrictions so that more would-be entrepreneurs can travel legally to the United States to launch companies.

The president and other Cabinet and senior administration officials plan to “fan out” across the country over the coming weeks in order to promote the executive actions, according to one aide.

Here we go…
— Obama uses legal immigration to defend his amnesty of millions of illegals.
— Obama says he did what he could to secure border – Now even 8 year-olds can walk into the US.
— Let’s be honest – deporting isn’t realistic.
— They go to our churches.
— If you’ve been here for more than 5 years you get amnesty.
— Obamm: This isn’t amnesty – That would be unfair.
— Are we a nation that values ripping children from their parent’s arms?
— Students bravely come out as illegal.
— Obama gives sob story about illegal girl who applied to school behind her parent’s back.

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