Obama May Travel to #Ferguson & Address “Systematic” Issues (Video)

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On ABC’s “This Week” Barack Obama said he may travel to Ferguson, Missouri and address “systematic issues.”

Barack Obama reportedly met with Ferguson protest leaders in the White House on November 5th and told them to “stay the course.”

The Hill reported:


President Obama in an interview broadcast Sunday didn’t rule out visiting Ferguson, Mo. after a grand jury reveals whether they decide to indict the police officer involved in the fatal shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown.

On ABC’s “This Week,” Obama was asked if it would make sense for him to pay the city a visit after the decision is released.

“You know, I’m going to wait and see how the response comes about,” Obama said. “But what does makes sense is for not just me, but my entire administration, to work with willing partners at the state and local level to see how we can address some of these systematic issues.”

The grand jury is set to reconvene on Monday at the earliest, reports said Saturday. Their decision was expected to be released over the weekend, but they had not reached one when they last met on Friday.

Obama had previously sent Attorney General Eric Holder to visit Ferguson as protests over Brown’s death embroiled the city and attracted the national spotlight in August.

Didn’t the Smartest Man in the World mean “systemic” and not “systematic.”?
Example: Obama is following a “systematic” process of transforming the country into a Banana Republic.
Ferguson has “systemic” issues created by decades to Democratic policies that destroy black families.
There’s a difference.

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