Obama: “Hillary Would Be A Great President”

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A day after Hillary Clinton endorsed President Obama’s executive action on immigration, The India Times reports that President Obama is paying Hillary Clinton lip service by saying she would be a great President:

US President Barack Obama today said Hillary Clinton would be a formidable Democratic candidate and a great president if she decided to run for the 2016 election.

“…I am very interested in making sure that I’ve got a Democratic successor. So I’m gonna do everything I can, obviously, to make sure that whoever the nominee is is successful. If she decides to run, I think she will be a formidable candidate and I think she’d be a great president,” Obama told the ABC news in an interview.”

Considering most of the Democrat candidates avoided Obama like the plague before the mid-term elections believing he was bad luck. Combined with the fact that there is no loved lost between President Obama and Hillary Clinton. One is let to wonder if President Obama’s endorsement of Hillary is just a matter of ‘I scratch your back you scratch mine’, or a deliberate act of sabotage.




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