No Justice, No Peace! – Take 2… #Ferguson Protest Leader Has House Looted

Hands Up!
alexis t

Alexis Templeton has been on the front lines of the Ferguson protest movement since its inception.
KCUR reported:

Twenty-year-old Alexis Templeton has been on the front lines of protests since she arrived in Ferguson, five days after Brown was shot.

“I was in Phoenix, Arizona, when Michael Brown was shot and killed. When I got back, I immediately hit the ground, standing at the front of riot lines, being face to face with the police,” she said. “That was me for the last 89 days. Tomorrow, it will be three months, the days start to blend together.”

She is a member of Millennial Activists United, a group that was founded in the aftermath of Brown’s death to unify younger Ferguson residents who are fighting to make their voices heard. She says her fellow protesters have become her new family. Trying to create change in her community has become her everyday life.

Templeton, a prominent protester, was recently tapped to help with one of the city’s proposed reforms to its police department: a civilian review board.


Alexis Templeton often leads chants at protests. She lost her voice for a while from screaming. Her yells can be heard on many of the livestreams.

Yesterday while protesting her home got burglarized.

The burglars took some things.
Thankfully, her grandmother was OK.

Once again
You hang with looters – You get looted.

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