Nickelback Releases Song “Edge of a Revolution” In Honor of #Ferguson Mob

Here’s one more reason to hate Nickelback…
Nickelback released their latest song “Revolution” in September in honor of the #Occupy protesters and Ferguson mob.

Dudes, we’ll believe you’re serious about an Occupy revolution when you donate all your wealth to the government.
occupy nickleback

The song only has two million views in over two months.
It’s not exactly breaking any records.

The band said they were inspired by the Ferguson mob.
The Riverfront Times reported:

At long last, the musical and political luminaries that comprise Nickelback have written a song inspired by the protests and unrest in Ferguson. We waited with bated breath as events unfolded in the St. Louis suburb, lacking direction in a world seemingly gone mad. But without guidance from the ‘Back (I like to call ’em “the ‘Back”), we onlookers bumbled about, unsure where to turn.
But no more.

In an interview with extremely relevant site Yahoo! Music from earlier this month, the extremely relevant Chad Kroeger, Nickelback frontman, discussed the track “Edge of a Revolution” from the band’s latest album, No Fixed Address, released last week on Republic Records. Within the Live Nation-sponsored blog post, between questions about Kroeger’s wife Avril Lavigne and Judas Priest’s Rob Halford, music journalist Jon Wiederhorn asked about the track. The exchange went as follows:

Wiederhorn: Another new thing on No Fixed Address is you’ve written what might be your most poignant political song, “Edge of a Revolution.” What motivated you to go that route?

Kroeger: I don’t know if North America is on the edge of a revolution, but I wanted it to feel that way in the song, since it feels that way in so many other parts of the world. You turn on CNN and it’s like, “Wow!” We’d have it on for 15 minutes and we’d have to shut it off because it was so depressing. The state of affairs in the world these days is so dismal. And I think that’s where the song definitely came from. While we were working, the [shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri] was a major story and there was rioting like crazy. So it definitely felt like the seeds of revolution were being planted.

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