Neo-Nazis Demand German Mayor Turn Over List of City’s Jews

Haven’t we seen this horror film before?
A German neo-Nazi party reportedly demanded the mayor of Dortmund, Germany hand over the list of the city’s Jews.
YNet News reported:

Document circulating online and in German media claims local neo-Nazi party demanded list of names, addresses of city’s Jews in order to ‘do its job’.

A neo-Nazi party from the city of Dortmund has reportedly demanded the city’s mayor give them a list of all city’s Jews, in an event eerily reminiscent of darker days in Germany’s past. Luckily, the mayor refused and slammed the request, passing it on to legal authorities who are working to outlaw the party.

According to different reports, the party, known as Die Rechte (The Right), wrote a letter to Dortmund Mayor Ullrich Sierau through its lone city council member, Dennis Giemsch, requesting to know many Jews live in and around the city, as well as their addresses.

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