Nashville’s “Obama Market” Busted for Selling Crack Pipes as ‘Brown Bag Specials’

Obama Market in Nashville–
obama market
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Ebrahim Albihani is reported to have been arrested on four counts of distributing drug paraphernalia and one count of altering the serial number on a firearm.

Photo by Nashville Police

Photo by Nashville Police

Nashville media is reporting that the operator of a neighborhood convenience store called the “Obama Market” has been busted for selling the makings of crack pipes from the store.

Police said Albihani marketed “brown bag specials” containing glass tubes and copper mesh.


In addition to the several boxes of the copper mesh and glass tubes for the crack pipe ‘brown bag specials’ police also reported finding at the store boxes of cash containing $4693 and two guns, one of which had the serial number filed off.

The Obama Market was the scene of a fight that led to a fatal shooting in its parking lot four years ago.

President Obama was a hard partying drug abuser in his high school and college years. Obama has admitted to using marijuana and cocaine. The drug culture has embraced the image of a stoner president to use his name to sell drugs including heroin.

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