NAACP Begins 120 Mile Missouri March for Mob Justice for #MikeBrown

naacp march bs
The NAACP protesters were seen marching and blocking Manchester Road in West St. Louis County today.

The NAACP is walking from Canfield Drive in Ferguson to Jefferson City for justice for Mike Brown.
The Root reported:

To call attention to what it sees as a flawed U.S. criminal justice system after a grand jury declined to indict police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of unarmed Michael Brown, 18, the NAACP on Saturday is to begin a 120-mile, seven-day protest march from Ferguson, Mo., to the governor’s mansion in Jefferson City.

The march is to begin at 12 p.m. Central at the Canfield Green Apartments in Ferguson, near where Brown was shot and his body left lying in the street for hours on Aug. 9, the NAACP said in a statement. The purpose of the march is to call for new leadership of the Ferguson Police Department, beginning with the police chief, and for reforms of police practice and culture in Ferguson and across the country, the release states.

“Our ‘Journey for Justice: Ferguson to Jefferson City’ march is the first of many demonstrations to show both the country and the world that the NAACP and our allies will not stand down until systemic change, accountability and justice in cases of police misconduct are served for Michael Brown and the countless other men and women who lost their lives to such police misconduct,” Cornell William Brooks, NAACP president and CEO, said in the statement. “Our thoughts and prayers are with Michael Brown’s family.”

naacp march

From a reader who sent in the photos:


I thought this was absurd – these marchers are being allowed to completely block a lane of Manchester Road, and presumably whatever route they take all the way to Jefferson City?

These pictures are from Ellisville. I wonder if anyone else tried this without a permit, if police would allow it? It appears Hug-A-Thug is still in effect. Political correctness rules the day.

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