MO Republicans & Conservatives Urge Tom Schweich to Run For Governor

tom schweich
Missouri State Auditor Tom Schweich

This open letter to State Auditor Tom Schweich was released on Thursday.
Missouri Republicans and conservatives are urging the successful state auditor to run for governor.

Dear Tom,

Congratulations on your overwhelming reelection as Missouri State Auditor. As you mentioned in your Election Night remarks, Missouri must now confront the serious challenges facing our great state. By virtue of your experience and talents we believe that you are the perfect candidate to provide the critical leadership as Missouri’s next Governor.

You have a record of effective leadership that shows you can be an effective Governor. During your time as Missouri Auditor you’ve earned high marks from Republican and Democrats alike as tough but fair. You’ve:

  • ** Initiated new practices to root out waste, fraud and abuse in government, including the Audit Follow-Up program and Anti-Embezzlement Program.
  • ** Uncovered more than 30 elected officials from both political parties that betrayed the public trust by stealing or misappropriating funds.
  • ** Audited our school districts to tremendous effect, ensuring that dollars meant for the classroom get to the classroom.
  • ** Recovered more than $2 million in stolen or misappropriated taxpayers funds.

Not only have you proven you can do the job, Tom, but you’ve proven you have the political skills to get the job. You’ve won every statewide race in which you’ve run. In 2010 you took on an experienced legislator in the Republican primary for Auditor and defeated him by 17 points. You went on to defeat the Democrat incumbent in the general election by 5 points despite her 25 years in elective office. In each of those elections you showed statewide appeal by winning more than 100 of Missouri’s counties.

While you initially drew a competent challenger for your reelection in 2014, the Democrat dropped out of the race and conceded that he couldn’t mount a campaign against you, given your reputation as such an effective Missouri Auditor. In the general election you went on to win each of Missouri’s 114 counties and the City of St. Louis while garnering the highest vote percentage in modern Missouri political history.  In the 2014 race, you raised money from donors all over state, confirming that your political and financial support is both wide and deep all across Missouri.

Rest assured, anyone running in the 2016 gubernatorial campaign will be well funded.  In order to win, we must have a candidate with the vision, experience and skills to represent all Missourians. Itisourhopeyouwillonceagain answerthecall toserve byannouncingyourcandidacyforGovernor of Missouri.

For a list of signatories go here.

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