MO Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder Blasts Jay Nixon: Where Was Governor Last Night? In the Command Center? Where Was He? (Video)

Governor Nixon Fiddled as Ferguson Burned
ferguson burning

Ferguson Mayor James Knowles told Local FOX 2 reporters late on Monday night that he had repeatedly requested the National Guard Monday night… But his requests were ignored.

On Tuesday Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder went on The Kelly File to discuss the failed security situation in Ferguson on Monday night.

Megyn Kelly: What do you think now that we’re seeing a much calmer Ferguson tonight and yet we’re seeing others call this a race war, saying it’s not over, protests erupting in other cities?…

Lt. Governor Peter Kinder: Megyn did you listen carefully to that non-answer by the governor? It was an attempt to deflect the whole thing is political. It is not political when a non-partisan elected mayor of Ferguson is desperately trying to reach the governor of Missouri and he can’t get his calls returned by anyone in the governor’s office so he starts calling me in the wee hours of the morning… The executive power of the Commander in Chief of the Missouri National Guard resides in the chief executive’s office. That’s the governor. Why don’t you ask him where he was last night? Was he in a command center? Where was he? Why did they hold the guard back? Let’s get some real answers to those questions.

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