MO Governor Jay Nixon: Grand Jury Decision Expected Mid-to-Late November

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon told reporters the Grand Jury decision on the Michael Brown shooting case is expected in mid-to-late November.
jay nixon
In August the Democratic governor called for Officer Darren Wilson to be prosecuted.

Nixon also said violence and looting will not be tolerated.
KMOX reported:

Nixon said looting and violence that marred mostly peaceful protests will not be tolerated.

“That ugliness was not representative of Missouri, and it cannot be repeated,” he said.

Nixon said that once the decision is announced, the state highway patrol will work with St. Louis County and city police as one unified command. The three agencies are strong enough to work together “exceptionally well,” he said.

The National Guard will also be available if needed.

“When we make the determination that the National Guard is necessary, I’m prepared to issue that order,” Nixon said.

The governor would not discuss various operational plans.

Nixon said peaceful protestors, community leaders, and clergy will work with law enforcement to address individuals threatening public safety, and those individuals who are there to disrupt illegally will be “dealt with quickly and efficiently.”

“Violence will not be tolerated,” he said.

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