Missouri’s Carnahan Family To Sell Last Of Its U.S. Wind Farms

wf 2 (Image MBA.com)

In 2009 Tom Carnahan, brother to former Democratic Senator Russ Carnahan and Robin Carnahan, former Missouri Secretary of State, received $107 Million dollars from the Obama Stimulus to build a wind farm under a company he founded in 2005 named Wind Capital Group LLC.  The wind farm was called Lost Creek Ridge and built in DeKalb County, Missouri. At the time is was touted by Vice President Joe Biden as an example of how the Obama Stimulus was working.

Five years later it would appear that the Obama Stimulus hasn’t been all it was proclaimed to be. So it is only fitting that the St. Louis Post Dispatch reports that Wind Capital Group LLC is now selling the last of its U.S. based wind farms, which includes Lost Creek Ridge:

“St. Louis-based wind farm developer Wind Capital Group LLC is looking to sell its remaining wind farms as its Ireland-based parent shifts focus to Europe.

NTR PLC, which owns Wind Capital, announced this week that it had tapped Chicago-based Marathon Capital LLC to find a buyer for its two Midwest wind farms: the 150-megawatt Lost Creek wind farm in northwestern Missouri and the 210-megawatt Post Rock farm in Kansas.

In 2012 NTR PLC became the majority partner in Wind Capital Group LLC but Tom Carnahan still holds a minority interest in the company.


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