Mike Brown Sr. Calls on US to End to Racial Discrimination at UN Human Rights Body

Mike Brown, Sr. traveled to Geneva this week to speak to the United Nations Human Rights Body.

United nations

The UN Human Rights Council consists of a collection of reputable regimes including Algeria, indonesia, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Cuba.

Mike Brown, Sr. pushed for “a National Plan of Action on Racial Justice” and the end of “racial discrimination in all its forms in federal and state legislation, including indirect discrimination, covering all fields of law and public life.”


Here is a copy of his speech to the international body.
mike brown speech

Michael Brown, Sr., a felon, and Michael Brown’s mother, Lesley McSpadden, who is charged with assaulting Mike Brown’s granny for selling T-shirts, promised to promote non-violence, peace and understanding and to improve social justice policies.

The US delegation is scheduled to speak this afternoon.

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