Mike Brown Coalition Calls for Boycott of St. Louis Retailers on Black Friday

This week Ferguson activists passed out flyers calling for a St. Louis boycott.
boycott stl

Of course, such a boycott would only hurt the poor and middle class the most.

Here’s the back–
boycott stl 2


The bottom of the flyer references changeisonus.org which is the website for Onus, Inc with Jerroll Sanders as President. Among her accomplishments Jerroll Sanders ran for mayor in Detroit.

The group also released a YouTube video recently.
They are calling for a boycott of WalMart(?), Emerson Electric, Anheuser Busch Companies & Enterprise Rent A Car.

Now this…
The Mike Brown Coalition is calling for a racist boycott that would prevent supporters from partaking in the phenomenal deals to be found on Black Friday.

Only black-owned businesses would be exempt.
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported:

Community groups from around the region are asking shoppers to boycott St. Louis area retailers during the Black Friday shopping season in response to the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown.

The Justice for Michael Brown Leadership Coalition outlined today details of the boycott effort, dubbed “No Justice, No Profit.” The boycott will start Thanksgiving Day and last through Sunday.

However, coalition leaders said they are encouraging shoppers to patronize local business that are black-owned during that long weekend.

When asked if the coalition would hold demonstrations at high-traffic shopping centers and malls in the region, the group’s leaders declined to offer details.

“We are planning on doing a number of things and we will have a press release to that affect,” Zaki Baruti, president-general of the Universal African People’s Organization, said

But that’s just if the Grand Jury does not issue a true bill indicting Darren Wilson, right? Nope.

The coalition also plans to conduct the boycott regardless of the grand jury’s decision because the boycott is serving an educational purpose in changing consumers’ spending behavior.

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