Media: Record Snow in Buffalo Is Probably More Global Warming

Over six feet of snow fell in some areas of Buffalo, New York this week, most of it in a 24 hour period.

It must be Global Warming.
That’s what Slate Magazine reported:
global warming slate buffalo

Slate reported:


In the aftermath of a massive lake-effect snowfall event in western New York state on Tuesday, it’s worth asking: Is climate change playing a role here? Because, I mean, come on. Seventy—seven zero—inches, people. And another huge round is forecast for Thursday, by the way. Buffalo deserves answers.

The short answer is: yes. Global warming is probably juicing lake-effect snows, and we’ve had the data to prove it for quite some time.

The Washington Post agreed – “Winter weather does not refute global warming.”

If you live in the United States, you have been feeling insanely cold lately. The area south of Buffalo got five feet of snow yesterday — an extreme winter weather outburst that is being blamed for a tragic five deaths — and the Weather Channel says that parts of the Midwest and Great Lakes region may experience “one of the longest sub-freezing spells on record for the month of November.” But the whole United States has been quite cold. In Washington, D.C., last night, a weather emergency was announced due to the expectation of extremely cold temperatures.

We’ve been through this drill before — last winter, actually. And it’s important to keep in mind that just because it is very cold in the United States doesn’t mean that you should question the overall warming trend for the planet. Weather shifts heat and cold around — we know that. We also know our own local experiences inherently bias us, since we live the weather in only one place. But the total global picture remains one of warming.

The MPR Updraft also tried to tie the record snow to global warming.
global warming buffalo
The Updraft reported:

So all that snow… in November is certainly proof that climate change is bunk right? No way you get that kind of snow if the climate is actually warming?

Not so fast.

Lake-effect snow and the climate change connection

Yes, it sounds counter-intuitive. How can you have more snow, earlier in the season with a warming climate?

An oversimplified explanation goes like this.

Warmer climate = warmer water in Lake Erie
Arctic warming = a wavier jet stream pushing unseasonably cold arctic air mass into the eastern U.S.
Unusually cold air masses and unusually warm lake water temps = extreme temperature contrast of 50 degrees between lake surface and air mass
Extreme temperature contrast = more intense lake effect snowfall rates of 3 to 5 inches per hour with 60-plus inch snowfall totals

These leftists never stop.
No matter what the facts are.

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