Lefty Journo: Movies to Blame for Obama’s Mid-Term Blowout

Whatever gave you the idea Obama was like Superman, you stupid voters.
Whatever gave you the idea Obama was like Superman, you stupid voters.

Those darn stupid voters—they watch movies where the bad guys are found out and stopped by super-duper government agents employing the latest whiz-bang technology and then they punish Obama at the polls for not being like the guys in the movies. That’s the latest excuse for the shellacking the American people delivered to President Barack Obama and his Democratic Party at last Tuesday’s mid-term elections.

Neal Gabler, writing at Reuters, offers this condescending slam against American voters fed up with Obama’s incompetence:

“When an angry electorate headed for the polls Tuesday, the questions on their minds probably included: Why did a Liberian man with Ebola get into this country, and how did the authorities so botch his treatment that two American nurses were infected with the virus? How did a convoy of Islamic State fighters cross a desert in plain daylight without being blasted to smithereens by the U.S. Air Force? How could U.S. automobile companies commit one gaffe after another without being called to account after Washington bailed them out?

“The one answer to all these questions is: President Barack Obama screwed up.

“Voters cannot imagine in this age of super-smart technology how any of these things could have happened unless there was a failure of leadership. But there is another possible answer — the public’s expectations were inflated to begin with, and not by Obama.

“We live within a myth of efficiency. That the world actually operates with a cool precision — the way it does in the movies. Seen through this prism, you could say that voter frustration is not so much the result of reputed Oval Office incompetence as of our having been spoiled by the movies and television. Americans cannot accept the fact that our abilities are seldom as good as movies make them out to be.”

…” The corollary here is that if the mechanisms for efficiency are all around us, then the reason the world is so messy and inefficient must be because the people in charge keep blowing it. Indeed, the myth of efficiency compels us to live with a ceaseless frustration, and even anger, at the leaders and bureaucrats who must be responsible. That frustration influenced the 2014 midterm election.”

So never mind the conquest by ISIS of large parts of Iraq and beheadings of Americans under Obama’s watch; the chaos in the Middle East; the disaster of Obamacare; the illegal alien kiddie invasion; the Porkulus looting of the Treasury; the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression; the deadly VA scandal; IRS abuse; Fast and Furious cover-up; the corruption of the Inspector General corps and the weakening of American power and influence abroad.

And never mind that Obama was sold to Americans by his campaign and the media as the next Abraham Lincoln, FDR, Martin Luther King, JFK, and RFK all rolled in to the coolest, baddest Superman in the world who would ‘slow the rise of the oceans and heal the planet’ for us because that’s how he rolls.

You see dear voter, the fault is not in our (movie) star president, but in you morons who think movies are reality.

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