ISIS Pigs Attend Sex Slave Auction – Green-Eyed Girls Fetch Highest Price (Video)

The Real War on Women—
A video surfaced this week showing ISIS fighters attending a sex slave auction.
The blue and green-eyed Yazidi girls fetched the highest price.
sell glock
The ISIS rebels reportedly paid around $300 for the sex slaves.

ISIS auctions off female sex slaves.

The Daily Mail reported:


A video has emerged purporting to show Islamic State fighters bartering over Yazidi women at a slave girl ‘market’.

Recently, the terror organisation boasted of enslaving women from the Iraqi ethnic minority and the men appearing in the clip explain it is ‘slave market day’.

The clip shows the men negotiating the price of the women, with blue and green-eyed young girls fetching a higher price.

The men laugh and another says: ‘Today is the day of (female) slaves and we should have our share.’

At this point, the bartering begins after a seller is found, who says he is happy to sell his slave for a Glock pistol.

Sellers offer prices, with one going as high as five banknotes – which subtitles on the clip explaining that one banknote is probably the equivalent of 100 dollars.

More… ISIS warriors cite the Koran as they look forward to raping captured Yazidi slave women.

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