‘Honor Before Job’: Border Patrol Agent Says Will Not Enforce Obama’s ‘Unlawful’ Amnesty

obama border patrol immigrants

A man claiming to be a Border Patrol agent in California posted a statement to the conservative site FreeRepublic.com on Thursday saying that he will not enforce President Barack Obama’s executive order granting amnesty to illegal aliens.

Obama is scheduled to make an address to the nation Thursday night in which he is expected to give legal status to an estimated five million illegal aliens.

In response to reports of Obama’s amnesty, the Border Patrol agent said:


“UNLAWFUL ORDER: As a Border Patrol Agent I will not enforce, implement or support in any way an executive order that attempts to give amnesty to illegal aliens.”

The Border Patrol agent, who uses the screen name Ajnin at Free Republic, added in response to comments he might lose his job over his stand:

I would rather have my honor than my job

Ajnin describes himself as a former Marine and seventeen year veteran of the Border Patrol.

Posters at Free Republic, including legal immigrants and a former INS official, gave their support to Anjin and offered to support a legal defense fund for him if needed.

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