Rioters With Guns Loot #Ferguson Black Elementary School

Because nothing says you support Black children like looting Black children’s elementary schools.

Griffith Elementary School was looted on Monday night.

Griffith Elementary School, photo by Ferguson-Florissant School District

Griffith Elementary School, photo by Ferguson-Florissant School District

A predominately Black Ferguson, Missouri elementary school was hit by armed thugs last Monday night after the grand jury decision was announced to not indict white Officer Darren Wilson in the August shooting death of Black robber Michael Brown.


KTVI-TV reported Griffith Elementary School on Day Drive in Ferguson was looted by four armed men. Eyewitness Renwick Ware told the station he saw the four men loading up two cars at the school Monday night. Renwick says he immediately informed authorities.

“Ware said it`s the work of four men in two cars. He said, “They had guns on `em and all that and I approached and came out of my driveway, I noticed they were loading stuff up…One was standing through the sunroof of the white vehicle with his gun in the air.””

KTVI added that Ferguson police said electronics were stolen during the looting but that some items had already been recovered. There was no mention of suspects or arrests.

Broken windows at the school, presumably smashed by the looters, were boarded up in preparation for the students return from an extended Thanksgiving break that started early because of (prescient) concerns over rioting when the decision by the grand jury was announced.

According to Griffith Elementary has 384 students enrolled in classes K-6. The site says the student population is 93 percent African-American.

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