Gruber Believes Americans Are “Stupid”—More Videos Surface

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

When the Liberal media makes any mention of the Gruber video, it’s usually to explain that the video is out of context, or Gruber didn’t really mean to call Americans stupid —but unfortunately for MSNBC’s Mika—even Howard Dean (of all people), has a drive-by-moment-of-truth on the topic and not only admits that Gruber believes Americans are stupid, but goes on to state that ObamaCare was put together by “Elitists who don’t fundamentally understand the American People“.

Well it seems a second  video with the same “Stupid” American theme has surfaced. Take it away Megyn Kelly (Hat Tip RightScoop):


But WAIT THERE’S MORE (just like a ShamWow commercial… huh?)…

A THIRD VIDEO with the offending “stupid” American remark has also surfaced (Hat Tip American Encore Tweet via RightScoop). The video starts at the 28:40 marker with the offending “stupid” remarks starting around the 29:27 minute marker:

As Rush Limbaugh noted:

“Stunning: Obamacare Architect admits lie to the American people – and it doesn’t make news – In the old days, you know what they would call this? Smoking gun. There aren’t any such things anymore. No such thing, I guess.”

Other greatest hits of Gruber were reported in a past article here.

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