GOP State Sen. Elbert Guillory of Louisiana Blasts Landrieu’s Racist Comments (Video)

Democrat-turned-Republican state senator Elbert Guillory of Louisiana is not happy with Mary Landrieu’s latest racist attacks on the citizens of Louisiana.


This week Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) told Chuck Todd that the reason Barack Obama is unpopular in Louisiana because the state is full of racists and sexists.

Elbert Guillory said it was a sign of desperation.


“Desperation. Absolute desperation. She is desperate so now Democrats are pulling out their smear and fear tactics. This is part of the smear and they’re trying to engender fear particularly in the black community… All sorts of dirty tricks but we don’t think they’re going to work. She is doing the ‘fear and smear’ but on the other hand we are spending a lot of time and money to educated the black community that we’ve had enough of this type of representation, of misrepresentation, for 50 years.

Via Cavuto:

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