GOP Picks Up 350-375 State Legislature Seats – Party In Best Position in 100 Years

Republicans took control of the US Senate on Tuesday and gained three new governships.
Republicans also gained from 350-375 state legislature seats in Tuesday’s election.


Republicans are in their best position in a century.
Democrats are in their worst position since the Civil War.
NPR reported:

Republicans already controlled 57 state chambers before Tuesday’s election.
Reuters reported:


Ahead of the election, Republicans held 3,836 seats, Democrats held 3,448, and 26 belonged to third-party lawmakers. Republicans controlled 57 chambers, while Democrats were the majority in 41. Nebraska’s single-chamber legislature is nonpartisan. Republicans controlled both legislative chambers in 27 states versus 19 states for Democrats.

Tuesday was a dark day for Democrats.
Obama’s far left leadership is destroying the party… and America.

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