Thugs once again ran off reporters Wednesday night at the Canfield Drive site of the deadly police shooting of robber Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

As The Gateway Pundit reported earlier Wednesday Canfield Drive has become a ‘No Go Zone’ for reporters who have been threatened, robbed and carjacked at gunpoint in recent days.

Fox News correspondent Griff Jenkins was harassed while giving a live report for On the Record at the scene of the burned-out Prius that belonged to reporter Marcus DiPaola that was stolen at gunpoint Tuesday night and subsequently torched.


Jenkins was harassed at the beginning of his report by a stocky man who tried to block his camera with his body. The man was moved out of the way but later another man angrily approached as Jenkins was wrapping up his report. Jenkins ended his report and walked away before host Kimberly Guilfoyle could close out the segment with him.

Earlier in the day DiPaola reported he and the Fox News crew had went to Canfield but fled when a menacing group appeared. Curiously that did not make it in to Jenkins’ report. But there was footage aired of DiPaolo and a fellow reporter at the shell of the car describing the carjacking to Jenkins.

DiPaola told Jenkins he was concerned a thug had stolen his Kevlar vest from the Prius.

One hour before the contentious live shot at Canfield Drive, Jenkins posted a photo to Instagram of his cameraman being outfitted with body armor with this caption:

“My amazing cameraman @kylerothenberg prepping to go out tonight for our live shots on @greta”

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