First Openly Gay Republican Concedes Defeat in Race for Congress

carl demaio
Carl DeMaio was orphaned when he was 14. He was taken in by Jesuits and earned his way to Georgetown University. After college, Carl founded two successful businesses before the age of thirty. He sold the businesses and was elected to San Diego City Council. Now Carl DeMaio is running for Congress.

That’s why the liberal gay groups hate him. Ads mocking DeMaio, by far left groups, have included putting his likeness on the body of a drag queen.

With 410 of 410 precincts reporting Republican Carl DeMaio won his race last night by 752 votes.

The race has not been called at this time.
But with DeMaio leading by nearly a thousand votes it will be hard for Democrats to steal it.

UPDATE: Carl DeMaio conceded the race to his Democrat opponent. DeMaio was blindsided by allegations that he had harassed a staffer. There was insufficient evidence to prosecute but the controversy fueled news coverage.

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