#Ferguson Protesters Vandalize St. Louis City Landmark With Hunger Games Quote

#Ferguson protesters marched Sunday in St. Louis City near the Vonderitt Myers memorial on Shaw Avenue.

Vonderitt Myers, who was 18, was shot dead when he fired on police in October near the Botanical Gardens in St. Louis. Myers was charged with murder at 16 but was not convicted after the witness did not show up.
vonderitt myers memorial rain
The Vonderitt Myers memorial was covered with plastic on Sunday night.

The protesters shut down Kingshighway.
The protesters also vandalized a landmark on Flora Place and Grand.
shaw graffiti
The vandals wrote, “If we burn, You burn with us – FTP”
The quote is from the Hunger Games series.


These radicals are really hoping the Mike Brown decision brings revolution to America.

When we drove over to check out the vandalism it was already painted over.
flora place big
Someone had already painted over the graffiti with white paint. It was still wet when we arrived.

The landmark is located blocks from where the Ferguson protesters were marching.

More… The Anarcho-Communist Solidarity Alliance had this posted at 11:30 PM.
ftp vandalism

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