#Ferguson Protesters Terrify Children’s Christmas Choir Making Them Cry

On Black Friday #Ferguson protesters in Seattle decided to crash the annual Christmas tree lighting.
The protesters were chanting, “Shut it down!” as the stormed the event.

They protesters also succeeded in terrifying a children’s choir.

The crying children, 7 to 10, were surrounded on stage.


The children were quickly ushered out of the way.

Some of you may know that tonight’s tree lighting at Westlake Center was cut short by protesters. I feel really bad for a group of children from the 5th Avenue Theater. They came tonight, excited to sing. When the protesters overtook the balcony, the children were absolutely terrified. I helped usher them to the far end of the balcony where they would be safe. They huddled with their chaperones and each other, some of them crying, until police got the protesters out of there. As a journalist, I’m absolutely in favor of the right to free speech. This was not free speech tonight. The protesters appear to simply want to disrupt, and in doing so, traumatized some beautiful young kids.

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