DOZENS of DHS VEHICLES ARRIVE IN StL – #Ferguson Mob Plans Major Disruption Sunday

DOZENS of Homeland Security trucks arrived in Chesterfield, Missouri, west of St. Louis, this weekend.
dhs trucks mo
The trucks were reportedly spotted in a hotel parking lot in Chesterfield.

homeland trucks chesterfield

More vehicles arrive in St. Louis.

And, this DHS vehicle was seen in Ferguson.


Ferguson protesters are planning a massive Die In protest today in St. Louis.

The protesters are planning to disrupt traffic today.

TribeX is one of the any Ferguson protest groups. They were part of the group that occupied St. Louis University for days, and crazy Oakland Occupy streamer Bella Eiko constantly begged for food and cash contributions for them during their protest.

There is a Rams game today in downtown St. Louis.
The rumor floating around town is that Officer Darren Wilson will not be indicted.

The Justice for Mike Brown group is itching for a riot.
riot mob ferguson

Another reader wrote in today to say his neighbor’s son in the National Guard was called up this weekend.

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