#Ferguson Protesters Vandalize 100 Year-Old CIVIL RIGHTS MEMORIAL

Ferguson protesters marched Sunday in St. Louis City near the Vonderitt Myers memorial on Shaw Avenue.

Eighteen year-old Vonderitt Myers, Jr. was shot dead when he fired on police in October near the Botanical Gardens in St. Louis. Myers was charged with murder at 16 but was not convicted after the witness did not show up.

The protesters shut down Kingshighway in south St. Louis on Sunday.
The protesters also vandalized a landmark on Flora Place and Grand.
shaw graffiti
The vandals wrote, “If we burn, You burn with us – FTP”
The quote is from the Hunger Games series.


The The Anarcho-Communist Solidarity Alliance took responsibility for the attack.

The Ferguson vandals also defaced a 100 year-old memorial to a Civil Rights hero.
ftp park 2
The Ferguson protesters painted “FTP” on the 100 year-old statue.

The statue “Naked Truth” is a memorial to three German-American Republicans and civil rights heroes: Emil Preetorius, Carl Daenzer and Carl Schurz.

Carl Schurz was a civil rights hero. Co-founder of the Missouri Republican Party, he served as a Union Army general during the Civil War and as ambassador to Spain. He was sent on a fact-finding mission in the postwar South soon after the Confederacy collapsed, and his report shook the nation. Schurz recounting the horrors inflicted by Democrats on the emancipated slaves.

Last night the statue was vandalized.
ftp park
Jim Hoft photo

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