#Ferguson Mob Training to Shut Down Affluent Clayton – Teachers Told to Bring Second Set of Clothes

molotov ferguson
Ferguson protesters light up a Molotov cocktail to hurl at police in August. (Kenny Bahr)

Ferguson protesters announced at a training session on Thursday that they will target Clayton, Missouri, an affluent area with several businesses, shops and restaurants.
600 potential protesters have gone through training sessions.
FOX 2 reported:

Protesters are making plans to shut down Clayton while they await the grand jury decision in the police shooting of Michael Brown. They want to hurt Clayton economically. The information was released Thursday night at one of their meetings in south St. Louis. Organizers said they’re hoping for hundreds if not thousands of people to show up in Clayton the first workday after the grand jury reaches a decision.

If the decision comes down Friday they plan to turn out in force Monday. They will meet in public green spaces and then they may spread out in small groups possibly taking part in civil disobedience like shutting down roads. There was talk that if they tried to stop trials in courtrooms they could get be put in jail for a longer time than just for blocking traffic.

UPDATE: Heard from a school official that teachers in the St. Louis area were told to bring extra food and an extra set of clothes in case students were not able to return home during the Ferguson rioting. Many local organizations are also telling St. Louis residents to stock up on food, water, medicines and gas before the decision is announced.

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