#Ferguson Mob Surrounds & Attacks Democratic Official For Snitching to Press

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Last Friday the Ferguson protest movement held a meeting at St. Mark Family Church on Glen Owen Drive.

The protesters took time out from their meeting to beat a college student.
Then they chased him down the street screaming.
The student protester, Chris Schaefer, spoke out from his hospital bed.


After the public beatdown Ferguson protester-politician and Councilwoman Patricia Bynes spoke to the press about the incident.
It was a Big mistake.

It wasn’t the first time Byrnes snitched on the Ferguson mob.
In August she tweeted out about how the mob beat a white protester to the ground.
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The latest incident didn’t sit well with the Ferguson protest movement.
On Monday the Ferguson mob surrounded Byrnes and harassed her in the street.
KSDK reported:

Patricia Bynes said some of the people who tried to bully her belong to a group of protesters called Lost Voices. The leaders of Lost Voices said they tried to talk to Bynes but they never tried to intimidate her.

“I was completely surrounded and it was a very much in your face. It was one of me and 20 of them,” Bynes said.

She said the group “cussed, yelled, and hollered” at her. She said it all started after a member of the Lost Voices tried to talk to her. Bynes refused.

“I’m not interested in speaking with Lost Voices. I’ve seen on too many occasions how they solve problems.” Bynes said.

Melissa McKinnies was the Lost Voices leader who tried to talk to Bynes. She said she wanted to address Bynes concerns about her group.

“After she declined to speak with me, I walked off,” said McKinnies.

She said a group of people did surround Bynes but they weren’t from Lost Voices. A few of her members did join the group but they never threatened Bynes.

For the record… This is the same group that assaulted Rams fans after a game.

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